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The BMW i8

Last week at the Low Carbon Vehicle event at Millbrook proving grounds I finally got to have a drive of the BMW i8. I'd seen it before, I've seen one 'in the wild' on a London street but I hadn't driven it up until that point.
Yes, the engine sound is entirely manufactured, it's 'fake' if you like, but so what? 
This car is designed and built as a supercar which, from where I'm sitting, is an utterly ridiculous notion.
Surely supercars are for people who have so much money they may as well buy one.
However, and I'm trying to take the long view here, as with all technology, the first iterations are expensive and for the very wealthy.
But the innovation and technological developments embodied in a car like this (unlike the notion of the offensive 'trickle down effect' regarding obscene wealth in the 1%) actually do trickle down to more mundane and sensible forms of transport.
As you can see in the video, being in this very fast car is great fun, there's no denying that. Of course I'd love one, that's the whole point of them.

Just to give some weight to the argument in favour of this car, your average supercar will do ten, maybe twelve miles to the gallon. When the cars are stationary in busy city traffic the engines are pumping out comical levels of noxious gas and CO2, when they're not even moving. Oh, but they sound great.
Yeah, thanks, I'll live without the noise if my eyes aren't stinging.
The BMW i8 has all the panache, verve and show-off potential of a supercar but can run on electricity in cities, can get over 100 miles to the gallon and go around a track like there's a legitimate need to get to the other end very fast. 

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Total sense. Enjoyed the racetrack video. Glad you had fun, unlike that other presenter who was famously ill after Damon Hill took him for a spin in an Aston Martin :-)
Took a look at the Nissan Leaf too... Couldn't quite get my faded brain around the buy or lease of the battery. That could put people off I fear. Would love one none the less.

September 18, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterNigel

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