Numerous people have suggested I do this. So I will try, and I suppose it will grow in time.


MFAQ  (most frequently asked question)


Is there going to be more Red Dwarf?

The answer is yes. UKTV (aka Dave) has commissioned 6 new episodes we recorded over 2011-12. It will be broadcast on Dave in September 2012


Will Red Dwarf be recorded in front of an audience?

Yes, and all the tickets have been allocated


Will there be any more Scrapheap?

I get asked this a lot. I presented Scrapheap Challenge for 10 years, a total of more than 150 episodes. In 2006 I decided I didn’t want to do any more after the 2007 season. This was, looking back, quite a wise decision on my part (for once) as by 2008 Channel 4, who broadcast the series, had suffered the initial onslaught of the ‘global financial crisis.’   Their revenue from advertising dropped by 40% in a matter of months, 100’s of layoffs, all very grim.

RDF made one more super low budget series in 2008 which featured the wonderful Dick Strawbridge trying to keep the scrap ship afloat. They only made one series with Dick, and since then, if you’ve seen Scrapheap, and clearly a lot of people still do, they are repeats.


Can I see the Dave Carpools online? 

Yes you can. I will be uploading full length versions of all the new Carpools we shot for Dave through 2011. They will be available on all the normal outlets I have used so far. If you go to then all the links to the feeds are on there.


Are you married?

I get a couple of these questions a week and I’m deeply flattered… or maybe I shouldn’t be. Maybe it means, ‘what kind of nut case would marry an old dork like you?’

Anyway, I am married to Judy Pascoe, and yes she did play Camille in Red Dwarf, and no we didn’t meet then and yes she was in a circus company (Circus Oz) when I met her and her website is here.