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Snot Nosed Russian Bigot

I heard a young Russian athlete on the radio this morning and suddenly I felt like I was back in about 1983.

It’s the curse of age you see, there comes a point somewhere in the early 50’s where you start to hear people, generally young people, spout the same ignorant, unthinking bollocks you first heard 30 years ago.

This vile little bigot was of course talking about sport, and Russia, and how they didn’t want people ‘promoting’ homosexuality to young people during what ever sporting event that’s about to take place there.

As you may be able to judge, I know nothing about sport or what sporty thing it is they’re doing, but none the less she got to spout her ignorant hatred without let or hindrance.

Eeer, hello, this is 2013 calling, can you send your ignorance back.

How do you ‘promote’ homosexuality? How on earth do you encourage a young heterosexual person to ‘try being gay?’

It is utter, trite nonsense.

Take for example, a wonderful gay man called Harvey Milk.

Okay, he was shot by a rabid Christian nutter but before he was murdered he once said;

‘I was born into a heterosexual family, I was taught by heterosexual teachers and surrounded by heterosexual school mates. I lived in a world where everything and everyone was heterosexual and yet I turned out gay.’

There was plenty of heterosexual ‘promoting’ going on in Harvey Milk’s life, along with every other gay person. The church, the state, Mr He-Man Putin, he promotes some kind of spooky weird hetero-shit with his shirtless antics. At least I assume he’s straight, mmm, maybe there’s something in that?

Anyway, how on earth can anyone be ‘made to be gay?’

Okay, so you can try and pull Harvey Milk’s statement apart, a gay teacher who tries to seduce a young man in his charge, I would call that abuse, sexual assault or rape which is of course a crime. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen but that’s not what we’re talking about.

This stupid young Russian woman was talking about ‘promoting’ homosexuality, i.e. suggesting that it was possible to turn a perfectly well balanced young heterosexual into a raving screamer just by gay people merely existing.

In my youth it was suggested to me on numerous occasions that I was ‘really gay’ and I just didn’t know it.

This came from both straight women and gay men I suppose simply because I didn’t conform to what was expected of heterosexual men.

I was a bit fey, I had long hair and was apparently ‘pretty,’ hard to believe now.

However through all that I never for a moment thought I was actually gay, I fancied women, simple as that.

I liked gay men, they made me laugh, they were great fun to be with but no amount of ‘promotion’ was going to change me.

So all this bollocks about Russia and sport and promoting homosexuality is such tired old nonsense.

Thankfully in a large section of the rest of the world no one gives a stuff any more, gay, straight, do what you like. But the feeble and weak men of Russia can’t deal with it, it’s frightening so they tell their young athletes to spout such hate filled crap, suggest they use the word ‘promote’ and explain why they don’t want gay athletes to attend their butch sporting events.

Well, here’s a well thought out, balanced response to that.

Piss off Russia, you archaic, homophobic tossers.

… and relax.


Oh, one slight ammendment suggested by @MootReeper on the Twitters. 

Not all Russians are homophobic morons, very true. Some of the most caring, non judgemental, sweet natured, well read and intelligent people I ever met were in Russia. Worth mentioning.

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Reader Comments (7)

Well said, Bobby. Promoting/encouraging homosexuality is just a fruitless as trying to "cure" it.

The sooner biggots like that realise that who you fancy is pre-programmed and beyond your control, the better. Just like what food you like. You don't know why you like the taste of something. You just do.

August 16, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterTris

The one thing I always found utterly hilarious about gay phobes is the "homosexuality is a disease!" thing.
And the reason for that is the answer I read once, AGES ago, which was, "If that's the case, can I call in gay to work tomorrow?"
"I'm sorry, I can't come to school to take my test, I've gotten a severe case of the gays, and need bed-rest."

Oh, and on an entirely diffrent note, having just watched the Adrian Edmondson episode of CarPool, I have a question...
Is 'Kont' a technical term? :-P

August 17, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterDannyBoy2k

I loved your comment on your childhood. My partner and soulmate had the same as growing up. Still now, he's very camp but I love the fact he defies all stereotypes. I know he fancies me and isn't attracted to men,. I love the nuances that make him different and unique. And yet at the same time I cannot understand why people feel so threatened about somebody else's sexuality. I happen to be heterosexual and feel attracted to men (It wasn't a choice, just the way I was born) but if I wasn't ,would that make any difference to who I am as a human being? Wouldn't my personality and values still be the same regardless of whom I might have fallen in love with? It's hard to judge what's a priority in terms of a human rights struggle, boycotting Russia for intolerance or intervening in Syria for homicide...I just hope that through spreading the word on the world wide web, we can achieve both.

August 25, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterRuth

How happy you must be in your black and white universe, from being persecuted as a lifestyle choice, to being promoted as a lifestyle choice, when do we elect Stephen Fry to be our Prime Minister?

You are gorgeously sexy as a human being, is it legitimate for me to select your anus as a legitimate senario to masturbate to?

August 29, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterPeter

Mr Llewellyn, I hope you dont mind me contacting you like this, but I wanted to thank you for being so nice to my sister at Cardiff Comic Con. She has had a lot of serious medical problems of late and limited reason to smile. Thanks to Mr Barrie and yourself, she has had the smile put back on her face. Thank you both from the bottom of my heart abd on behalf of our entire family, Kirsty in particular.

Thank you.

September 3, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterSteve Dunlop

It's unfortunate that a country with such a rich culture and fascinating history is currently stuck in this muck of its own making...from the political and economic (and religious) corruption in Russia, to scapegoating LGBT people. It's especially sad that young thugs are given a forum for their bigotry, but LGBT people and their allies can be arrested and fined if they even try to stand up for themselves and speak the truth.

One of the real tragedies of this whole top-down propaganda war against LGBT people in Russia is the lie that it's all being done in the name of protecting children. If Russia wants to protect children, it shouldn't be persecuting its homosexual citizens...it should stop putting hundreds of thousands of its own children into orphanages. Russia has the highest orphan population in the world, and it is a shameful situation. People dump their own children into these institutions if they're not "perfect" - many of these kids aren't orphans at all, they have parents who are simply too selfish to raise them.

But why solve a social problem like that when a whole segment of society can be scapegoated and marginalized instead. It's happened before in Russia...but most of the Jews have left in the last 20 years. And who can blame them?

Thank you for your support of Russia's LGBT community. They need friends and allies around the world more than ever.

September 9, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterTony Skaggs

How do you ‘promote’ homosexuality? How on earth do you encourage a young heterosexual person to ‘try being gay?"

It should be possible to do both.

1. Promoting homosexuality.

In the ancient world men slept together, usually older men with younger men. They also slept with women in order to procreate and because they enjoyed it. In Sparta it was mandatory for men to take a male lover. The question is whether all these people were 'born gay' or lived in a society in which homosexuality was 'promoted'. And by promoted we mean not advertised as in 'Dumped? Divorced? Why not try going gay this time?' but promoted as the way homosexuality is perceived, the public image. We know from history that sexual activities and ideas have been promoted. In ancient Rome, small penises were desired and oral sex was seen as stupid. This view was 'promoted' by the jokes and graffiti around at the time and without a doubt effected what Romans found sexually exciting and desirable (small cocks and no BJs). In parts of Colombia in the present day having sex with donkeys is promoted and often the childhood rite of passage leaves a lasting desire for donkeys that sees adult men cheat on their wives with the animals.

'Promotion' works both ways. For example, masturbation was not only once seen as 'sinful' but also as medically dangerous. People believed that men had a limited supply of semen thet could run out if used up by excessive masturbation (leaving none left to procreate). They also believed that vital energy was lost, never to return, through the loss of semen (this energy is something like a life-force or chi in martial arts). To prevent boys from becoming ill the idea that masturbation was wrong was promoted. Not only has the scientific attitude to masturbation changed but so have social attitudes. Anyone old enough to remember 1983 will be aware of how attitudes to wanking have changed. Back then it was still considered shameful and men rarely admitted to it..

The idea that homosexuality is bad or shameful, a disease or a sin has been heavily promoted. In 17th century England there was the death penalty for sodomy. The anti-homosexual promotion has, over the years been highly successful and there is still a stigma about being gay. Many people reading this blog and commenting will find it astonishing that people can have such negative views about homosexuals and this is a testament to the success of the anti-gay promotion.

If sexual mores, tastes, views and opinions can be promoted - and we've seen from history that they can - then homosexuality will be no different.

2. Encouraging a young heterosexual person to ‘try being gay'

We've seen part of the answer already. But consider how the acceptablity of women trying out homosexuality has changed over the years. Going back to 1983 how many women, compared to today in 2013, would be prepared to try a lesbian relationship? The increase in social acceptability for women to experiment with their sexuality is obvious.

The commonly presented view is that 'it's different for women' but why is it? The suggestion is that men have to have anal sex (which seems uncomfortable or painful) and male on male oral sex is complicated by 'a power thing'. However many homosexual men report the same concerns. Very few engage in the first activity (I have known several gay men who have never had anal sex nor want to) and the 'power imbalance' of oral sex for men doesn't disappear by being gay. One common solution for men (avoiding anal and oral) is mutual masturbation.

The point is that what prevents people from engaging in certain sexual activities appears not to be biological phenomena but a mental one. This being so, under the right circumstances it should be possible to 'encourage a person to be gay'.

3. Realistically

I know that your comments are based on your disgust at a bigot attitude towards a group of people. However, attempts to 'prove' them wrong simply by calling them small-minded or idiots is just as narrow-minded. I have no problem with homosexuals, I think homophobia is shameful, but it think that it is obviously true that (1) homosexuality can be promoted and (2) it's possible to encourage people to try homosexuality.

September 29, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterGarp Travers

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