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We don't know what happened.

Try as I might, the Clarkson story keeps seeping back into my world even though I have repeatedly tried to throw it in my already bulging ‘pointless celebrity gossip’ bin.

I once again wish to repeat, although I disagree with everything he has ever said he still makes me laugh sometimes and I vehemently defend his right to be casually racist, slightly homophobic, generally misogynistic and a comically cyclist baiting bully.

If you make the mistake of reading any of the recent newspaper reports about this fracas the comments below, no, don’t even look, but the comments are very divided.

There is a sizeable group that loath him, they just want him gone and are jumping at the chance to hasten his fall from grace. There is also a sizeable group that worship his every move, hate the BBC who pay for and broadcast Top Gear, hate wet liberal tossers like me and want real men to drive real cars in the real world 

These old school proper men are very angry, before anyone knows what actually took place in that hotel, they’ve all rushed to sign a bloody petition to save Clarkson.

It’s easy to see both sides in this nonsense have overreacted, but I am going to stick my limp wristed, namby-pamby, save the Polar bears lefty neck out and say the Clarksonites have overreacted more.

They want their Sunday night entertainment and some member of the ‘PC brigade’ at the BBC has spoilt it for them. They don’t care what happened, Clarkson is God, everyone else is a nanny state control freak who won’t let them say the words they all say to each other all the time, like normal blokes having a normal conversation. Normal racist slurs, normal misogynist references, normal, run of the mill homophobic banter.

I’ve been the recipient of this normal male anger many times. If I write or say something about electric cars, wind turbines, solar panels or the fact that’s it’s time we ditched the tired old internal combustion engine, I get abuse from this same, small minority. 

I’ll be accused of being a do-gooder, a lefty moron, a tree hugging pouf, a vegetarian cyclist, not a real man, an eco Nazi or most confusingly a member of the ‘PC brigade.’

What the hell is the ‘PC brigade?’ The politically correct brigade I assume.  Do you know anyone, seriously, anyone who is politically correct? I don’t. Do you know anyone who has ever used that term seriously? I don’t. If someone said ‘you are not being politically correct’ I’d call them a tosser.

But then when I think about this, I wouldn’t casually use racist terms, I wouldn’t try and belittle a man because he was gay, or a woman because she was a woman. Not because I don’t want to offend anyone but because I don’t have those feelings. I don’t think I am better than a woman, a black person, a gay person or a Muslim.

The only people who ever use the term ‘PC brigade’ are people who are desperate to shout racist, sexist or homophobic abuse in the street.

Clarksonite men cannot understand how the world has changed around them, how they are not, as they feel they should be, still the most powerful, most respected people in the world. They don’t see themselves as a minority, they see themselves as normal and everyone else is weird, foreign, female, gay or has skin the wrong colour.

But Clarksonites are a minority, if you look at global population data a very small minority who clearly feel they don’t have a voice. Hence the rise of the abhorrent UKIP.

In Clarkson’s particular case he is not a powerless member of a powerless minority, he’s very well connected. I saw him last year at Cornbury Festival having a fag with Rebekah Brooks, the ex editor of the News of the World. They are pals. I say no more.

He’s pals with our current Prime Minister. I say no more.

He has a column in the Sun newspaper where he vents his ‘world is unfair to white men who want to drive fast’ spleen. He’s very rich and powerful and having met him a couple of times, he definitely is a big and imposing figure who is clearly very used to getting his own way.

Who knows what will happen to Top Gear. For all these criticisms I’d be very sad to see it disappear. Or go on Sky because I don’t have Sky for all the obvious namby-pamby liberal reasons.

For the many on Twitter who have suggested I put my name forward as his replacement, I’m flattered at the consideration but I would rather extract my own teeth with rusty pliers than step into that hornet’s nest. For a start I'm just another old white bloke on the telly, there's enough of them already

However, if the BBC was to dare to re-launch a totally different show about cars, the impact they have on our world, the wonders of new technology emerging, the idea of not owning cars but still having access to them, the true impact their construction and use, the true impact our demand for fossil fuels has, and it was presented by 3, funny, politically incorrect women. Now that's worth considering


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Everyone is in a minority, even football fans. More people don't watch football than do.

However, the reason why the minority of people hate the minority of namby-pamby wet liberals is the fact that NPWLs often get on their high horses and start preaching in just the same way as those they attack go on about their pet peeves.

Snide comments such as 'abhorrent UKIP', often just thrown about with no proof or justification. The minority of NPWL deem it normal to utter things such as 'I hate the Daily Mail' or 'abhorrent UKIP' as some sort of badge of honour.

When will the NPWLs realise that they are equally in a minority, that the world is full of minorities and that the best way is to try and accomodate each other rather than getting on high horses.

This blog post is just a veiled attack on all things that are against liberals and not worthy of discourse. If you hate people who are not liberal then just say so and not hide it behind a load of waffle. The minority who are Namby Pamby Wet Liberals are just as capable of hate speech as any other minority. That speech may not be sexist, racist or religionist but it is still anti-something. If non-liberals are to stop being anti this or that then so too must liberals.

The worst thing about NPWLs is that they usually have a lot more money than the rest of us and are therefore lucky to be in a position where they can talk drivel and not have to worry where their next pay-cheque is coming from. For the rest of us there is usually a NPWL waiting to shout us down with bbc/guardian control words, public vilification and loss of career. A liberal losing their job usually results in them walking into another public sector job or in the case of a luvvie, a new play at the local rep.

March 19, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterJayBee

Bobby, you should pitch that idea about sustainable transport. As for Clarkson, the most loveably-hated man on both sides of the Atlantic, I hope they replace him with someone at least for a while. If the Stig can be swapped out, so can the Boor.

March 24, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterGinny

In the entertainment industry a lot of leeway is given to bad behavior if the perpetrator is popular and draws in a large audience. There is, however, a limit to how much of this that can be tolerated and it would seem that JC found out what the BBC was willing to put up with for a popular television show. Physical violence against the boss will get somebody sacked in nearly every case. Belittling the crew and throwing a tantrum because you don't get exactly what you want (and that person being sucked up to when they do it) destroys the camaraderie of a production crew.

I liked Top Gear and found it good entertainment, but as the seasons went on, I found the japes going from mischievous to cruel and bullying. JC's jokes and comments kept drifting from witty repartee to careless abuse. I had the chance to talk with a former crew member of the show and he told me that JC was a complete ()ss, unprofessional and unpleasant to work with. It would be interesting to talk with a few more to see if they felt the same way.

One thing I liked about Top Gear is the technical excellence of the show. The cinematography, sound and editing are some of the best work on TV. I'm amazed at how well the show would come out even when they were filming way off of the beaten track. Having experience in TV and film production, I know how hard that can be. Like many situations in life, you have to take the good with the bad. On one hand, crew members are working as part of a team that does excellent work. On the other, they had to work with a rather unpleasant old codger.

There will certainly be car shows that will fill the vacancy when Top Gear is no more. James May and Richard Hammond present many other programs and are good at bringing life and interest to the shows. Maybe the meteor has struck and it's time for the dinosaur to pass on in to history.

March 25, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterKen

Bobby, Looks like there could be an opening in the TV schedule for a new show. Why not pitch a treatment for a short series that is an extension of Fully Charged? You have the background and loads of contacts. With the addition of a proper budget and production support, it shouldn't be too hard to knock out 6-8 episodes.

March 25, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterKen

Ken, I can't help but think that anyone who describes Top Gear as a 'motoring program' has not watched the program at all, at least not in the 21st century. Top Gear is so much more than that and the phenomenon behind its success as prime time worldwide family entertainment lies entirely with the inspired genius behind the script writing, concept and delivery of Jeremy Clarkson and Andy Willman, ably assisted by the chemistry between JC and his co presenters James and Richard.
Clarkson was bang out of order for belting a producer, but I’m sure Rob would agree that tempers get frayed on a stressful set and although the reserved and mild mannered Rob would never lash out, I’ll bet he’s seen his former co-star Craig come close a few times! (No I’m not going to dish any Winsham secrets)
If this entire debacle had played out on a commercial network, things would be very different. When did you last see a premiership footballer sacked for thumping? They even reinstate convicted rapists.
Perhaps this whole incident illustrates that if Clarkson is an extinct dinosaur, then the BBC is an obsolete entity.

March 25, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterNick

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