‘Why don’t you bring Scrapheap back?’
Wednesday, May 27, 2015 at 10:24AM
Robert Llewellyn

The popularity of the re-runs of Scrapheap Challenge on the Quest and Dave Channels has been very pleasant to experience.

At a rough guess I’d say I get 20 tweets a day mentioning the series, how much people love it and the perennial question ‘Why don’t you bring it back?’

At this point I need to sit back, sigh a little and try and explain why I don’t make a decision so far above my pay grade I can’t even imagine, and just make more scrapheap.

I know, I’m being factious and a media luvvie living in a bubble, I understand what people are saying, they love the show and want more of them.

However I have less than zero influence over any possibilities of new series.

I worked on Scrapheap Challenge for 10 years, I loved it, it was inspirational for a generation.

I’ve met many fully employed, highly skilled engineers who watched the series with their parents; it almost brings a tear to my jaded eyes.

I don’t think I should front a new series of Scrapheap if it ever did make a return to the telly, someone younger and full of energy should do it, and if you really want to see more you should tell Channel 4.



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