Madames et Monsieurs, la naine rouge dix!

Kryten: Sirs, I have an announcement to make, it's really very exciting.

Cat: Eeeeow, I love excitment bud!

Kryten: Indeed sir, and this may require some very smart clothing items

Rimmer: Get on with it man.

Kryten: Yes sir sorry sir. Red Dwarf X has been nominated, it hasn't won but it has been nominated for a little award at the 53rd Festival de Television de Monte Carlo. 

Lister: Hey, that sounds well posh that does. Who's Monte Carlo?

Kryten: It's a geaographic location sir, a Principality on the Mediterranean Coast of France founded in 1866 by Charles the third of Monaco and now best known as a tax haven and international centre for gambling.

Lister: Hey, that sounds well posh that does.

Rimmer: They're hardly likely to let you in Lister, you'd lower the tone.

Lister: Hey, I've got tone Rimmer, I've got tone coming out me finger tips. When's this Monto thing happening Kryts?

Kryten: June the 9th to the 13th sir, we're sadly 3 million light years away so I fear we may miss the event.

Lister pics up Guitar and starts singing lonesome blues song. Rimmer holovomits. Cat re-enters, he's already changed into something lurid and appropriate.




Hey ho, Pip and Dandy!

I've just scrolled through the thousands of Tweets that came in over night, and the hundreds of comments on Google+. I'm very grateful and happy and will pass on the sentiment to the rest of the cast. If you liked the 1st one, you're going to love the rest.
Also, the show will be available on iTunes and Netflix around the world later this year, I know some PBS stations in the USA will be showing the series and no doubt it'll be on in Australia and New Zealand. As yet I don't have any details but I know it's supposed to be happening. 
The DVD's are released globally on 19th November.

Thanks for watching.


In the UK but don't get Dave on your telly?

There is a simple solution, you can watch live TV broadcasts as they happen using this


It seems to work very well. It shows you exactly what's being broadcast, including adverts but about 4 seconds behind the broadcast version, so if you are watching Red Dwarf on Thursday 4th October at 9pm, and you hear your neighbour guffaw with laughter, four seconds later you could be doing the same, or of course you could be saying 'well, it wasn't that funny, blimey.'



Kryten's new head

A few critical comments have reached me about the shape of Kryten's head.

Can I just assure viewers of the new series of Red Dwarf, which starts at 9pm on October 4th on Dave in the UK, that Kryten is most upset at some of the unkind descriptions.

He's pictured here admonishing the humanoids who've suggested his nose looks like it's been squashed up against the tumble dryer window containing Mr Listers freshly smeg free smalls.


Red Dwarf X poster.