A new set that smells!

Oooh, back in the Red Dwarf studio and the set chaps have been busy, the new set for this weeks episode is nothing short of breathtaking, and it even smells nice. mmmmm


Back on the Dwarf

That’s it, the Christmas break is over, we are about to head into a 5 week long Red Dwarf marathon. We’ve got 2 shows recorded and before Christmas that felt like a real achievement, but now it feels like we’ve just scratched the surface.

We are rehearsing tomorrow, then shooting complicated bits on Wednesday and Thursday, more rehearsals Friday and we record the next show in front of an audience on Saturday night.

So far it seems the people who’ve seen the shows being recorded have not been posting spoilers, they have all been incredibly honorable and well behaved. I’ve seen mountains of tweets and comments about the shows being ‘really funny’ and ‘classic Red Dwarf’ which is really encouraging, and I think, not wishing to blow my own trumpet, largely true.

It is an utter joy to be working with the cast again, I think I am enjoying that aspect more this series than ever before. We really do get along very well, I laugh so much when I am in their company so apart from the rubber, it’s a massive privilege to work on the show. Doug Naylor is being amazing, somehow managing to cope with the ten thousand decisions an hour he has to make.

The crew are all lovely, charming, hard working and talented, my new make up lady, Liz, is a dream. The mask now goes on in under an hour, in fact I am no longer the one in make up for hours before anyone else. Due to the passage of time, every member of the cast spends a little longer in the make up chair than they used to 10, 15 or 22 years ago, when I started my involvement with this bonkers show.

While I was cooling off outside the studio the other night between scenes, I did ponder what my life would have been like if I had, as I intended at the time, said no to playing the role of the rubber headed one in 1989. Through all the hardship, sore eyes, insane body heat and line learning horror, I’m rather grateful I said yes.

Red Dwarf series X will be broadcast on Dave in September this year, it’s really funny and it is, classic Dwarf.


Why the silly hat?

My daughter has just laughed herself almost sick doing this for me. She just had to skype some of her mates to show them.

Here's the reason

Having any hair under a rubber head is just.... not a good idea. Some of it will grow back I'm sure :-)


Red Dwarf X episode 1 recording

We did the first Red Dwarf X recording in front of an audience last night and we all survived. The audience were great, very patient because by definition making comedy telly shows takes a bit of time, but most importantly for us, they laughed.

Poor Craig Charles was suffering from flu but being the trooper that he is, he slogged through without complaint.

Chris Barrie had the lion share of tongue twisting, logic defying lines so he had his work cut out, but once again he proved he had the magic touch.

As usual Danny JJ had some killer entrance and exit lines and raised the roof, I stumbled and gurned through as best I could.

We didn't even shoot the scenes in story order so Dougn Naylor had to come out in front of the audience every now and then to explain what was going on. The cast listened too because we were a bit hazy on the story by then. We had pre shot some of the scenes and crowded around the monitors as they were being played to try and remember which bits we had to do.

And just to clarify for those that don't know, we are recording a full series (6 eps) in front of an audience which will be shown later in 2012 on Dave in the UK and loads of other places, like the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc sometime.

Anyway, here is a pic of the Red Dwarf set, from behind the scenes :-)


RDX, read all abaaaht it!

Just an update to explain what’s going on in the world of the half chewed rubber tipped pencil headed one for those delightful gentlemen and ladies who’ve just started following yours truly, @bobbyllew on the Twitters.

At this very moment the four members of the Jupiter mining ship Red Dwarf are holed up in a small hotel room rehearsing our lines. As of next week we start shooting episode 1 of RDX. Next Friday we record the first show in front of a live audience.

Sadly all the tickets are taken, so taken, verily, they were expunged from space-time in a nanosecond, which as awfully long time for a nanobot, but a very short time for a humanoid.

We record another episode the following week and then we are allowed off for a couple of days to spend Christmas with our families before returning very soon after newyear.

The new series with be broadcast on Dave in autumn 2012, so after the Olympics.

On a more personal selfish note, I have released the 1993 version of ‘The Man in the Rubber Mask audiobook, here.

And I am also publishing a new sci-fi novel called News from Gardenia which comes out in February 2012, which you can find here. That’s all for now, toodly pipski

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